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imagen comercial Ignacio López

Ignacio López | MANAGER

I'm Ignacio López Rebollar, manager and owner of Ifcantabria. I studied economics for three years at the UNED university. I started working at the age of 18 as a salesman in the motor industry and was in that sector for 15 years. In 1990 I set up my present company, which began as a mortgage and insurance broker but which from 1995 has been dedicated exclusively to real estate. In 2008 I co-founded the Estate Agents Association AFILIA, of which I have been president from the start. I believe that one of my most important qualities relevant to this job is that my clients know that I will listen to their needs; for me it is a pleasure to answer any questions and fulfill their needs. I am able to put myself in their place and make their problems, needs and wishes mine.

629 443 736 i.lopez@lfcantabria.com

imagen comercial Aída Valle


My name is Aída, I was born in Santander and I've lived for some years in Bezana. I studied to be a primary school teacher in English and early learning at the University of Cantabria. Despite my vocation as a teacher, I have been working since 2009 in Lfcantabria as sales coordinator. Over time I have become more and more involved in the role of salesperson and at this moment I am responsible for the portfolio of bank properties, new buildings and the management of resale homes. Moreover, I coordinate the work of the salespeople who work with me. This sector has helped me to grow intellectually as well as personally and thanks to this I can offer the best service to our customers.

630 238 944 a.valle@lfcantabria.com

imagen comercial Leticia Bastante


I'm Leticia Bastante. My professional life has always been connected to the property sector, since I started working in 2000 in the office of an estate agents in Santander. In 2012 I became part of the Lfcantabria team, where I'm in charge of the accounts and admin department. Working in this sector helps me and gives me the confidence to complete my knowledge in order to help give our customers the best service possible.

942 212 150 l.bastante@lfcantabria.com

imagen comercial Javier Gómez


Hi, I'm Javier Gómez, estate agent in our enterprise since 1994, first as Look and Find and then as Lfcantabria. During this time I've always managed sales in rural areas, whether it be modern chalets or rustic cottages, as well as urban or rural land, and especially those unique houses in our region. Knowing that because of my advice, my clients can attain their goals with the best results is what stimulates me to enjoy this activity every day.

606 242 185 j.gomez.lfcantabria@gmail.com

imagen comercial Carmen LFCantabria

Carmen LFCantabria |

647 920 104 carmen.lfcantabria@gmail.com

imagen comercial Benito Cruz


My name is Benito Cruz and all my working life has revolved round the world of sales. I started selling encyclopedias aged 21, using the cold call method. Shortly after, I started working in El Corte Inglés, where I was for 3.5 years in Santander and Madrid. Later I spent 10 years selling cars. At present, and since 2013, I'm working for the estate agents Lfcantabria, doing the job of acquiring and selling property. In the future my objective is to continue learning daily everything related to the property market. With this I intend to transfer all the trust in the world to my clients, something which I consider fundamental when it comes to carrying out my work successfully.

660 564 468 b.cruz.lfcantabria@gmail.com

imagen comercial Julián Monasterio

Julián Monasterio | HOUSES FOR SALE DEP.

I'm Julián Monasterio, estate agent at Lfcantabria. I've been involved in the sales world all my life, principally in two different areas. The first phase was in the pharmaceutical sector and later in the world of real estate, where I work at present. For me, discovering my clients´ necessities, searching for and finding the house they want and need and above all, the satisfaction they show when I meet them by chance some time after the purchase, are the reasons which persuaded me to work in this profession. Apart from this, being more professional every day, based on learning constantly in order to give my clients the best service possible, is as much a key part of my present as of my future.

661 073 648 j.monasterio.lfcantabria@gmail.com

imagen comercial Oleg Denisov


My name's Oleg Denisov. Before working in the property market I had a long line of training and experience in different sectors. I started a degree in Finance in Moscow, which is where I´m from, and two years later I decided to continue my studies in Spain, obtaining a degree in Business Management from CESINE college and in International Management from the London Metropolitan University, while at the same time studying for a Master in Marketing and International Communication. I have always liked the world of business and negotiations; I have been involved in transfer talks for players in sports clubs in the role of translator or representative, I have set out business plans for the licences for premises for large companies. My main objective is to help people get what they want, as other people's satisfaction means a lot to me.

618 634 413 o.denisov.lfcantabria@gmail.com

imagen comercial Adrián Ventosa


My name is Adrián Ventosa García, I have always combined my working life with my studies, coordinating my hours of study for a Higher Diploma (FP) in Microcomputing and Network Systems with various jobs which have helped make me a better person and able to deal with life's difficulties. I also did a higher diploma (FP) in Business Management and did my work placement in Lfcantabria, where I had the good fortune to get to know the profession from the inside and to learn more as a person. Since 2016, I have been part of the team at rent department, doing admin and sales work. One of my main jobs in the Sales Dept. is attracting business through websites and making the first contact with the owners. In the Admin Dept. what is most important is helping the public. My aim every day is to be able to help our clients and learn in the property sector.

607 064 844 a.ventosa@lfcantabria.com

imagen comercial Jose Basanta


My name is José Basanta. Most of my professional life has been related to the property sector. I have wide experience in the development and building of all types of properties and in leading teams of professionals. I have also worked in banking and in the study and financing of industrial projects. At this time I'm in charge of the rental department at Lfcantabria, where every day I try to offer my experience and knowledge of the rental market in the search for the best solution for each of our customers; I offer them the best personalized service possible, in the confidence that this is the best way to achieve the goals of the enterprise.

696 070 200 j.basanta.lfcantabria@gmail.com

imagen comercial Ana Cagigas


I'm Ana Cagigas and all my working and personal life has been tied to the building sector, as my family and I own a construction company which was in Santander for more than 40 years. This has given me the opportunity to know everything about this world from a young age, as we were involved in both private and public building. During the 22 years I worked in the company, I worked in different departments and one of my main jobs was as Head of Home Sales. I recently decided to take a step forward and, counting on my experience, I started working in the property sector. Now I´m working in Lfcantabria in the property acquirement and sales department.

615 407 638 a.cagigas.lfcantabria@gmail.com

imagen comercial Alberto García

Alberto García |

619 641 330 a.garcia.lfcantabria@gmail.com

imagen comercial Mayka Vargas

Mayka Vargas |

722 824 072 m.vargas.lfcantabria@gmail.com